Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dumbing down the GhcOptions record

I've decided to change the approach I'm taking to my Summer of Code project allowing Cabal's code for building with GHC to accommodate interpretation. Previously I had planned make the options record describing the arguments given to GHC very high level, essentially consisting of a mode option (ie executable, library, interpretation, abi-hash, etc) and a stage option (C stage, Template Haskell stage, link stage, etc). A rendering function would translate this pair of options to a list of command line flags.

Now, the GhcOptions record has become a direct representation of the command line options; every flag used in building Cabal packages can be adjusted individually. Creating the options for a particular mode and stage consists of glueing together (through mappend) a long list of GhcOptions pieces. There's pieces for (among others) build options, c options and verbosity options, allowing much more fine grained control of the options given to GHC.

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